Mission :

In relation with the electronic evaluation board designer, and with the thermal package designer, you will be in charge of integrating the photonic components into a photonic integrated circuit (circuit simulation, layout design). In parallel, you will test the individual optical components (lasers, modulators, photodetectors, mux/ dmux at the wafer level) and document the tests.

Main Tasks :

  • design the photonic integrated circuits (transmitter comprising lasers, modulators, mux/dmux, receivers),

  • test of passive devices (mux/ dmux), active devices (lasers, high speed modulators, photodetectors)

  • estimate the performance of the integrated circuit at the link level (transmission performances, optical link budget, ...

Work Experience & Technical Skills :

  • experience in the physical design of the optical components (Lumerical preferred)

  • strong experience in layout design (phoenix, matlab with klayout, or other tools)

Education :

  • PhD. in optoelectronics, Integrated Photonics

Others :

  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work effectively in a team environment, accomplishing tasks with limited resources at a rapid space

  • Problem solving attitude

  • Very motivated by Customer product development activity

  • Fluent in English ​​​

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