Mission :

In relation with the IC Photonic designer and the RF Designer of the evaluation board, you will be in charge of designing and prototyping the mechanical package of the Integrated Circuits

Main tasks :

  • Support the opto-mechanical component development from product definition and detailed design to prototyping, reliability testing, and transfer to manufacturing

  • Opto mechanical package design, including thermal modeling, mechanical stress modeling, identification of critical issues in other areas of product design such as optics and electronics, and engagement with cross-functional teams to resolve these issues

  • Initiate and evaluate new packaging design concepts, and conduct trade studies through modeling, simulation, analysis and prototyping to realize optimal solutions for performance, reliability, manufacturability, cost, and time-to-market

  • Develop efficient and scalable assembly and integration methods for product manufacturing: 

  • Develop robust and efficient supply chain partners for externally sourced sub-components 

    • Prepare technical reports/presentations, such as requirements and specifications, BOM, assembly drawings, and build travelers

    • Specify, and supply the building blocks: BGAs, heat sinks, Thermo Electric Coolers (TEC) when required

    • Evaluate and Drive subcontractors for the prototyping

Technical skills :

  • Experience with thermal software such as COMSOL Multiphysics, SolidWorks simulation, ANSYS, 

  • Fundamental understanding of heat transfer principles, and basic computation

  • Practical, hands on, ability to prototype and test beyond the design

Experience :

  • 5 years+ of related hands-on industrial design experience

Education ​:

  • Bachelor or Master degree in Engineering

Others :

  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work effectively in a team environment, accomplishing tasks with limited resources at a rapid space

  • Problem solving attitude 

  • Fluent in English​

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