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  for Co-Packaged Optics

Delivers 8 or 16 lasers frequencies spaced by 100 GHz/200 GHz and multiplexed on 2 to 4 ports. Can be supplied as a fully packaged Circuit with its control electronics.

LEAF-Light 8x100G | LEAF-Light 8x200G | LEAF-Light 16x100G

The multi-wavelength laser source integrates and combines 8 DFB lasers spaced by 100GHz or 200GHz, with all 8 frequencies available on 2 ports. Two laser sources can be combined to deliver 16 wavelengths spaced by 100GHz. 

Evaluation Boards are available upon request

LEAFLight module SCINTIL

Key features

  • By 8 or 16 configuration

  • 100GHz or 200GHz spacing around 1300nm

  • Integrated multiplexer

  • No hermetic package required

  • 2 ports with edge coupling


This PIC is compliant with the CW-WDM MSA specifications and is ideal for high-density optical I/O.

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