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Augmented Silicon Photonics

While the speed of high-speed interfaces (SerDes, PCIe, UCIe, DDR, HBM,...) doubles every two years, the size of AI models increases at a much faster rate, doubling every 4 months. There is a need for parallelism to close this performance gap and continue to scale the computing and memory resources while addressing latency, density, energy efficiency and cost.

Our ability to integrate laser arrays with silicon photonics is ideal for channel multiplexing in pluggable or co-package optics for even denser and lower power implementation.

MATRx™ : ​Transceiver circuit’ family for Pluggable Optics 

MATRx for Pluggable Optics

Transmit / Receive 8 x 100/200 Gbit/sec.
With integrated lasers (Wavelength Division Multiplexed or Parallel).

LEAF Light™ : External Laser Source circuit’ family for Co-Packaged Optics

LeafLight for Co-Packaged Optics

Delivers 8 or 16 lasers frequencies spaced by 100 GHz/200 GHz and multiplexed on 2 to 4 ports. Can be supplied as a fully packaged Circuit with its control electronics.

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