Generating, Modulating, Routing, Filtering, and Detecting photons on a single chip, mass-produced in semiconductor commercial foundry 
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Our Vision

Our capacity to integrate laser sources efficiently on silicon will fuel a wave of innovations in Optical Communications, 3D Sensing, and Quantum photonics.

Our Technology

Our technology combines the best of Silicon (Si) and Indium Phosphide (InP) photonics on a single chip using wafer-scale bonding for integrating lasers. It is compatible with the commercial silicon photonic foundries process to mass-produce fully integrated photonic circuits. 

Our Ambition

To become a dependable, independent supplier of silicon photonics integrated circuits for the high-speed optical communication applications, serving primarily the needs of Datacenters. Longer-term, we also explore lidar applications and are keen to support quantum photonics development, leveraging the coherent modulation technology used in advanced optical communications.

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SCINTIL Photonics

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